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Bodegas Julio. Santos酒庄介绍



DO La Macha是全世界面积最大的一个葡萄酒法定产区,在这里有高原和平地,有多样化的土壤和葡萄品种,不变的是西班牙充足的阳光。

Bodegas J. Santos, Ltd., is dedicated to the production, elaboration, bottling and aging of wines officially recognized by the denomination ‘LA MANCHA” and “Wines of Castilla,” with a wide range of vintages. The firm is backed by a great tradition-the first winery founded by the Santos family dates back to the dawn of the 20th century. From the construction of the first, small winery, born with the 20th century in 1900, until today, this family owned and operated firm has maintained a constant and progressive evolution, introducing improved techniques in the processes of elaboration of its wines, amplifying the extension of its vineyards, and selecting and rigorously caring for its variety and fruits. Although the changes and obstacles have been formidable, J. Santos Winery has contributed uniquely—often pioneering—to the modernization of th


e wine-growing sector of the region. The goal established by the firm from its inception has been to give continuity and a fresh vigor to a centuries old labor, cherishing a rich tradition that has given its unique physical and character traits to La Mancha region. To produce wine in La Mancha today is a transcendental challenge and goes beyond that. In this firm’s ethic, it is a both challenge and a commitment.

At the beginning of the century, Lucio Santos built a winery in La Villa de Don Fadrique, a small town in the province of Toledo and, in 1929, began to acquire grapes from other cultivators in the immediate area. His son, Julian Santos who gave the firm its definitive impulse—replaced the original winery with a new, larger construction. Likewise, he understood that the production of a wine does not began in the winery, rather in the grape fields, and he acquired an extensive property of 700 hectares in the “Monte del Alcalde”, where, selecting varieties, choosing the ideal placement, climatic and soil conditions, as well as a careful treatment of vine stock, he obtained optimum results in quality and quantity. A high-capacity processing plant was also built on the property.venta.jpg

Always with an eye to the future, in 1984, Lucio and Jose Santos began to bottle their first high quality wines, beginning the commercialization and distribution of wines whose quality was immediately recognized and were recipients of numerous prizes in testing and tasting competitions.

Today, a fourth generation of the family, supported by a young and enterprising team, assures the continuity and future of the firm.

At present the firm has two production plants for the elaboration of its wines which originate from the three parcels of the Santos family property.

With a total capacity of ten million liters, Bodegas J. Santos, Ltd. was a pioneer in the installation of equipment for controlling fermentation temperature and for maceration devices for red wines, etc.

The bottler, warehouse and ageing area are located at the Villa de don Fadrique plant, with a capacity for 2,000 barrels as well as for 500,000 bottles in the repose stage prior to commerciviticultura.jpgalization.

The three parcels, property of the Santos family, have an extension of 2,100 hectares of which 600 are vineyards and the remaining general cultivation lands and foothills.

The majority of the vineyards are found in our property known as “Monte del Alcalde,” located on both banks of the Riasanares River, extending some six kilometers along the river bed as it winds through the locality known as Corral de Almaguer. The fertile lowlands a dedicated to irrigated cultivation while the vineyards occupy the higher terraces, where the lands has a medium fertility and slopes slightly upward. These lands are sandy with moderate quantities of limestone. In them, the grapevines complete, in a optimum manner, the vegetation cycle without requiring irrigation and with just a minimum supply of water in spite of the low dust level of the area, and despite of the rain average of the area of 330 liters of rain per year.

The traditional wines aged in oak barrels come from the Tempranillo variety of vines. These grapevines are leaded in low plants, and with ages that range from 25 to 45 years, have a medium-low production, which permits, under the conditions indicated above, a uniform maturing and the yield of a grape of great quality. Along with that variety, others, newly introduced to the region, such as Syrah, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and small Muscatel, are produced. Their vines are trained on trellises; they adapt very well to these lands with a slight irrigation support and they produce grapes of superior quality and ample enological possibilities.

The volume of sales for bottled wines for all brands totals 350,000 bottles, which includes Reserve and Grand Reserve for the Don Fadrique brand and Crianza and Young for the Julian Santos trademark.

In recent years, 60% of the total sales of our products have gone to north central European market principally to Germany, Holland, Denmark and Austria.

The remainder of the sales are dispersed across the Spanish geography, with important distributors in the principal provincial capitals.